CAPC and CATalyst Align to Protect More Cats

SALEM, ORE. (April 26, 2016) —The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), the leading source on parasitic diseases that threaten the health of pets and people and the CATalyst Council, a national initiative comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, have announced their mutual endorsement of both organizations to protect the health and well-being of cats everywhere.

The mutual endorsement was voted on by the CAPC Board of Directors and the CATalyst Council during their respective board meetings in March. With this move, both organizations are working towards the same goal – to educate pet owners on how to protect more dogs and cats through preventive care. The endorsement will include logo support on the respective websites.

“We are very pleased to see this alignment between two industry partners,” says Dr. Christopher Carpenter, Executive Director of CAPC. “For CAPC to continue to focus on the importance of having every pet tested and protected, we need organizations like Catalyst Council to help us reach those indoor cat owners who don’t think their pets are at risk.”

“Our mutual endorsement enables us to further focus CATalyst Council’s vision for a cat-caring society,” says Executive Director Dr. Jane Brunt. “By connecting with organizations like CAPC which is focused on preventive care, we are able to further advance the health, welfare and most importantly the value of companion cats.”

About Companion Animal Parasite Council
The Companion Animal Parasite Council ( is an independent not-for-profit foundation comprised of parasitologists, veterinarians, medical, public health and other professionals that provides information for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people. Formed in 2002, the CAPC works to help veterinary professionals and pet owners develop the best practices in parasite management that protect pets from parasitic infections and reduce the risk of zoonotic parasite transmission.

About CATalyst Council
The CATalyst Council is a national organization which includes a wide variety of animal health and welfare organizations as well as corporate members of the animal health industry that are working together to improve the health and welfare of America’s favorite pet. It was founded in response to troubling statistics released by the American Veterinary Medical Association that indicate an increase in our nation’s pet cat population coupled with a decline in veterinary care for those cats. More information about the CATalyst Council is available at