Scott  Stevenson DVM, MSc

Dr. Scott Stevenson is a graduate of the Ontario Veterinary College and is part owner of the Thousand Islands Veterinary Services in Gananoque, Ontario, Canada. Scott’s interest in parasitology began while investigating blacklegged ticks and Lyme disease in the Thousand Islands during veterinary school. He carries this passion with him today, regularly speaking to veterinarians and clinic staff across eastern Canada about expanding tick populations and the increasing threat of tick-borne illnesses to both pets and humans.

Scott was first inspired to pursue veterinary medicine when his family dog, Katie, a cocker spaniel, experienced a gall bladder rupture and spent time at the Ontario Veterinary College’s teaching hospital. He was fascinated by how the veterinary team was able to improve Katie’s health while also strengthening the bond his family had with both Katie and the veterinary team.

He has a special interest in emerging technologies, particularly in how new technology can help build a stronger relationship between the veterinary team and the patient’s family. He considers himself lucky to have spent time working with LifeLearn in Guelph, Ontario, training Sofie - the first cognitive computing solution in veterinary medicine, powered by IBM Watson.

Scott lives with his wife, Lisa, son James and their two cats, Aurora and Raven. In his spare time, Scott enjoys playing golf and is looking forward to once again playing competitively. He also enjoys backcountry camping and canoeing, hiking, playing hockey and snowboarding.